A family-owned orchard located in the heart of Hope, Maine

Reopening on Saturday, October 3 due to McIntosh crop failure    🙁 Cortlands will be available for Pick Your Own or purchase @ the stand.
For the rest of the October: Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Honey Crisp and other favorites are coming!
Cider? If/when we have enough apples to press: mid-October or later.
We are following CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We have set up the orchard to accommodate social distancing. Masks are required while visiting the orchard. 

growing great fresh fruit as a healthy enterprise for the land, the grower, the consumer and the community

 Here at Hope Orchards, indulging in delicious fresh produce, experiencing the great outdoors, and connecting with our community is at the center of all that we do. Part of what makes us unique is the wide variety of apples that we grow on seven acres. Nearly two dozen varieties, both the ones you are familiar with, as well as ones you need to meet, comprise our weekly offerings. We also grow small crops of raspberries, pears, grapes and garden vegetables, and carry a wonderful selection of local products for you to enjoy. Come along for a pick your own experience, shop at the stand, greet your neighbors, and enjoy an event!

pick your own

Wander up the tractor path into the rolling hills, pick a bag or two-or three!-of our ripest apples. Sit for a picnic in the warm autumn sun. The orchard is a wonderful place to just “be” with friends and family.

purchase at the stand

Stop by to sample and select the ripe produce available at our stand, including our can’t-miss varieties of apples and pears. You’ll want to take home other products like our homemade apple rings, apple crisp mix or highly sought after cider!

join us for an event

We love that our orchard provides a place where the community can gather for shared experiences. Check out our annual event and meet-up schedule and please join us!

The Latest at Hope Orchards

Opening Day 2020

Opening Day 2020

2020 Date TBD

Opening day is different every year depending on when the first apples of the season ripen. Stay tuned for our 2020 schedule!

Cider Pressing

Cider Pressing

2020 Dates TBD

Cider is pressed when there are enough cider-quality apples to justify the effort! Making cider is an imperfect science, at best. We don’t guarantee when or how often we press, and determine this week by week. When we do press, it takes place on Friday afternoons, and we usually sell out by Sunday morning! An unpasteurized product, Hope Orchards cider is sought after by cider enthusiasts from miles around.

Variety Weekend

Variety Weekend

2020 Date TBD

There’s so much to taste and compare when it comes to the variety in apples! This event features our late season apples, which we believe are the sweetest and tastiest of the year, thanks to the drop in temperature and length of the ripening season. Twenty varieties will be displayed and available to sample. Create your own mixed bag of whichever apples suit you most.

Come on Over!

2020 Opening Day

TBD - Usually the third week in September!

September & October Hours

Friday | Saturday | Sunday

9 AM - 5 PM



Brien & Emily Davis
434 Camden Road
Hope, Maine 04847


(207) 763-2824