Pick Your Own

What better way to spend an autumn day than picking apples with family and friends? Stroll through our meandering fields, breathe the fresh air, and taste the fall bounty!

Experience the diversity of hope orchards

We offer a dozen pick your own apple varieties that ripen from early September through early November. Each hasĀ its own unique flavor, texture, aroma, juiciness and culinary attributes. New varieties become available each week as they become ripe. Visit regularly to experience them all.


Ginger Goldxx
Golden Deliciousx
Golden Russetx
Hyslop Crabapplexxx
Northern Spyxx
Paula Redxx
Red Deliciousx
Tolman Sweetx

Note: Ripening dates can vary drastically season to season. For this year’s real-time ripening dates, stay in touch on Facebook or our homepage.

What to Know When You Visit

Bring Your Own Bag

Cloth bags work best, and they’re a great way to conserve. If you forget your own, we can provide you with one.

Pick Gently

Right next to this year’s apple is next year’s bud. Pick gently so there are apples when you come back next year!

Don't Climb

We know it’s tempting, but climbing can easily damage or destroy branches that will take years to replace.

Come Often!

Each week offers new varieties, and they’re all so different. Visit frequently to enjoy the full breadth of the season!

Dress for the weather

This time of year can be fickle. You can never go wrong with an extra layer and a hat or sunscreen.

please, no pets

We love animals, but in consideration of others and for the health of your pet (hot cars!) please leave your pet at home.

Ask Us Anything

We are passionate about what we do and quite seasoned. If you’ve got a question, ask away!

Have Fun!

There’s nothing like an autumn day in Maine and fresh fall bounty. Enjoy!

School Group?

We gladly host elementary school classrooms on Fridays throughout the season!

love having access to fresh produce?

Our home garden is filled with fruits, berries, veggies and flowers for you to enjoy. Harvest your own carrots, beets, beans, raspberries, grapes, dahlias, quince, and whatever else we have growing out there! Note we have pre-season offerings on early crops including high-bush blueberries and peaches. Friend us on Facebook to stay informed.

don’t miss our specialty


Throughout the season, two dozen of our most unusual and prized apple, pear and quince varieties ripen to perfection. They are available in limited quantity at the stand and not to be missed. Variety Weekend is a great chance to try them all, and to get in on the best of the best before they go!

Come on Over!

2020 Opening Day

Saturday, October 3rd

September & October Hours

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