Apple Brownies- More Recipes Coming Soon!


from Heather Davis of CrayfordOrchardsinSkowhegan

  • ½cupmeltedbutterorcoconutoil
  • 1cupsugar
  • 1egg
  • 2mediumor1largeapple,grated,withskin
  • ½cupchoppedwalnuts 1cupflour
  • ¼teaspoonsalt
  • ½teaspoonbakingpowder
  • ½teaspoonbakingsoda
  • 1teaspoonof groundcinnamonorapplespice

Preheatovento350F.Greasea9x9bakingdish. Inalargebowl,beattogetherbutter,sugar,andegguntilfluffy.Foldinapplesandwalnuts. Sifttogethertheremainingingredientsandmixintothewetmixture. Spreadbatterevenlyingreasedbakingdish. Bake35minutesinpreheatedovenoruntiltoothpickcomesoutclean

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What’s Up, Doc?

PICK YOUR OWN CARROTS????  Yep. The kids had a blast discovering what was under those big green grassy tops! It was a bit of a consolation prize this morning, as we had no more apples to pick, but plenty of big, orange, pungent carrots. With a good blast from the hose, the carrots were rinsed of excess soil. They made beautiful carrot “bouquets” to take home, or an immediate snack of the Bugs Bunny type.  There will be more available next weekend, so come on by. Emily is dreaming up a carrot/apple/ginger bisque…

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New in 2013: Gift Cards!

Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 9.14.34 PMLooking for a autumn gift to give? We have gift certificates available. These can be given in any amount, and we will maintain a credit balance throughout the orchard season so the receiver can use it over for multiple visits over the season. Contact

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Columbus Day Weekend 2012

October 5th – October 8th

There’s a LOT going on this weekend!

Fruit & FibersFriday – School’s Out For Cider! – Local schools are out for the day. Come to pick some apples, see the cider press in action, and enjoy a sample of fresh pressed cider.

Sunday ~ Fruit & Fibers – Local fiber producers and fiber artists will gather to show and sell. Hope Spinnery, Black Sheep Woolens, Sparky’s Honey, Percyve Designs, Dye Mama Woolworks, Apo Chromata and Blueberry Farm Alpacas will join us for the day.

Monday – Open for Columbus Day  – 9:00am to 5:00pm.

– Spartan, Macoun and Empire Apples & Flemish Beauty Pears
– Buttercup & Acorn Squash and Pumpkins
– Raspberries
– Cider pressing on Friday – A BIG SQUEEZE this week!

– Friday thru Monday ~ 9am – 5pm


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Hope Orchards has apples

Paula Red Apples at Hope OrchardsAlthough there have been many reports of apple crop losses due to early spring weather patterns, Hope Orchards is fortunate to have a good apple crop this year. We are opening for pick-your-own or purchase at the stand this Friday September 7th.

While our last three seasons have been “bumper crop” years, our current crop is at least 80% as large as those years. The apples are good sized and we are very optimistic about this years crop.

For now, our Paula Reds are the biggest we’ve seen in Maine this year, our Ginger Golds have that familiar welcome-to-apple-season flavor, and we have lots of both of them – starting to pick this Friday.

We look forward to seeing everyone this season.

Brien and Emily

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2012 Season – almost ready

2012 Early OrchardWe’ve been busy getting things ready for the 2012 season.

Opening day is Friday – September 7th.  Paula Reds and Ginger golds will be available for purchase and picking.

We look forward to seeing everyone!


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High Density Planting Trellis

We’ve been hard at work at Hope Orchards putting in the posts and wires for the trellis for the High Density Planting of the new trees.  See the King Hitter in action in the video below!

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2012 Season Farm Shares now available

We just planted 690 trees!! Join us in our farm share effort this season!

Apple BlossomsShares (similar to a Community Supported Agriculture or CSA) are now available for the 2012 season. Participants who choose to make a cash commitment of $85 before June 20 June 30!, can purchase one hundred dollars worth of apples, pears, or cider anytime throughout the fall season. The orchard business will benefit by having funds upfront to pay for our spring and summer orchard expenses.

We have found that customers have appreciated this option; while some folks have made large purchases one or two times over the course of the season, others have visited us on a weekly basis. Some purchased cider for the freezer as part or all of their share.

If you would like to purchase a share, please print our Farm Share Form and mail a hard copy of the bottom by June 20 June 30 to us. When we open for the season, we will maintain a credit record that will be updated each time you visit.

See you in September,
Emily and Brien Davis

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New Tree Planting!

2012 Tree PlantingWe planted over 600 new trees!  Coming soon – Zestar, Sun Crisp, Crimson Crisp, Autumn Crisp, Empires, McIntosh, Ginger Gold, Northern Spy, Mutzu, Ultimate Gala, Liberty and Shenandoah Pear.

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Thanks for a great 2011 Season

Thanks to everyone for a great season and we’ll see you next year!

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