As the days shorten, and we wind into hibernation, Hope Orchards is offering an excellent Sunday afternoon concert. Appropriate for kids of all ages, The Gawler Family with Bennett Konesni will be at Hope Orchards on Sunday, October 22, from 3 to 5 pm.

This is scheduled during our Variety Weekend, so there will be apples to sample and purchase, warm apple pie by the slice, and friends and neighbors to share this experience.
Tickets are $15 for adults and $8 ftor children.

WHERE? Big Red Barn at Hope Orchards, 434 Camden Road, Hope, Maine. 

Not familiar with the Gawler Family?

John and Ellen Gawler and their daughters Molly, Edith, and Elsie bring you an assortment of old and new sounds from many folk traditions. They accompany interweaving family harmonies with fiddles, banjo, wooden banjo, cello, guitar, ukulele and piano as well as a few surprises.

Whether they are crooning a poignant ballad or delivering a rollicking fiddle tune, their unique arrangements are especially engaging and often go along with anecdotes of historical or humorous content.

Although the Gawlers may be best known for their extensive collection of dance tunes in the Scots-Irish and French Canadian traditions, their repertoire may include a gutsy ‘ Sweet Honey in the Rock’ a capella worksong or an amusing ode to everyday life.

With their infectious spirit and sparkling musicianship, and with the CD Golden Thread to their credit, the Gawlers have earned a beloved place in the delighted hearts of varied audiences across the Northeast.